Bryan is currently telephoning some of the more senior members of our community and several have said it would make their day to receive a letter, a postcard or a piece of art from a child. If you are a school parent, why not ask your child to write a letter to or draw a picture for an older person within our community?

Many of our elderly former pupils are becoming more isolated and it is clear they they would love to hear from an ESMS child. To take part, all you have to do is eamil or phone Suzi on 0131 311 1131 or and she will recommend a suitable recipient, share their contact details and tell you a little bit about them. This will help your child to understand they are writing to a real person who is looking forward to hearing from them. When it comes to the content of the letter that does not matter at all – it is very much the thought that counts so just let them say what they want, pass on their best wishes etc and, of course, if your child would prefer to draw rather than write, this would be just as welcome!

If you are happy for the recipient to write a letter back to your child, as several have said they would like to do, please include a note with your postal address!

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