We are excited to launch our virtual coffee mornings, starting on Monday 30th March.  These will take place twice each week, on Monday and Friday from 10.30am to 11am.  We will have a topic for each coffee gathering and we are planning on having featured guests who have knowledge of the topic in question:

Monday 30 March– meet the Development Office team, discussion about our ideas to keep you entertained and suggestions for future activities (there may even be a cameo appearance from Suzi’s 5 month old, Daniel!)

Friday 3 April – Bryan Lewis will reminisce about his time as a teacher at SMC and as Headmaster of the Junior School

Monday 6 April – Maia Hely and Forbes Jackson, Head Boy and Head Girl from 2018 will talk about the transition from school to university and share some stories and memories of their time at ESMS.

Mr James Skuse, Head of Junior School Music, will be leading a singalong each Wednesday at 10.30am.  We will publish the songs to be covered a couple of days before the session so that you can ensure you have the words to hand. If you prefer, you can of course just listen and perhaps sing to yourself!

If you would like to join us for the singalong or join us for a chat, all you need to do to join in is download the Zoom app (https://zoom.us/) and check this blog for a post with a link to the chat directly. We will post the link by 9.30am the day of each virtual meeting and it will go live at 10.30am.

We look forward to chatting with you next week.

2 thoughts on “Virtual Coffee Mornings and Singalong with Mr James Skuse

  1. Would it be possible to record the singalong sessions for us to view later – say on FB? We have other activities at that time so it would be great if we could catch up for a singalong at a later time. Thank you.


    1. Hi Paul, it’s so great that you wish to catch up to our singalong later on. This first session is a bit of a practice for everyone as we get to grips with the technology, so we will unfortunately not record it. A recording would, amongst other things, require us to ask permission from all participants which we haven’t done and can’t meaningfully do with such short notice! But thank you for bringing this to our attention, we will try and record the future weekly sessions and make sure we have all the legalities in place if we do record! We truly hope you will be able to join our singalong next Wednesday.


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