When I was at MES the normal sanction for the offence of departing from the school rules was that lines were handed out.

I remember a certain occasion when my friend Nancy, who was in a different class, borrowed my gym shoes as she had forgotten hers. That day for some reason our PE teacher Miss Park decided to have an inspection of names on shoes. Of course Nancy had ‘Alyson Henderson’ on her shoes. The outcome of that was that we were both summoned and were told to learn and write out

“Neither a lender nor a borrower be

For loan oft loses both itself and friend

And borrowing dulls the edge of Husbandry!”

Why she decided to have an inspection I do not know. I can only surmise that either she was bored with the lesson or she had run out of steam.

Anyhow it was more imaginative a punishment then the usual “I must not talk in class” written out probably 20 times.

Alyson Rintoul (Class of 1957)

2 thoughts on “School Memory – MES 1950s

  1. I was trying to find the issue of The London Illustrated News when we all had to stand in the stairs and be photographed. I thought I had a copy but can’t find it even though I have all the time in the world with this virus keeping over 70’s indoors!!


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