I would like to share some memories of my days at Melville College as a boarder, I think the dates would be 1959 to 1964.

The school was in Melville Street then and we had no proper playground so my first memory is of walking around the block for our morning break –  most of the boys went clockwise and prefects anti clockwise. I also remember well as a boarder that we used to have Scottish country dancing in the gym on a Saturday evening with boarders from Cranley girls’ school.

My final memory, which maybe should not be mentioned, is from the time when I had started the evil habit of smoking and along with a friend I climbed out of the dormitory window on to a very small balcony for a ‘ fag’. It was in the middle of winter and snowing. Whilst we were out there the Housemaster, Jimmy Ray (Tash), came into the dorm and unusually decided to sit and chat to the boys for at least half an hour. Meanwhile we were stuck cramped and freezing outside on the tiny balcony. Eventually he left and the window was opened for us but we could not move and had to be lifted in. I am sure Tash knew we were out there and decided on a different punishment than caning us. It certainly worked and we never went out the window again! Looking back on it Jimmy Ray was an excellent Housemaster!

I had lots of adventures at school and my experiences served as an excellent starting point for a life in the Army. 

James Welsh

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