We have been asked more than once if there is anything we can do to support all the many members of our ESMS Community who are helping to keep all the rest of us safe by their dedication, their selflessness and their hard work. Hundreds of alumni and parents are working in key worker positions in a wide variety of industries: NHS, care-workers, members of the military, civil servants, logistics, supermarkets and in all sorts of other occupations which are directly involved in the fight against coronavirus. We are very proud of them all and send them our heartfelt thanks and best wishes.

I did not intend to say anything more but just as we were about to upload my comments we received an email from Olivia Strong, one of three Mary Erskine alumni who asked if we would share a link to their amazing initiative Run for Heroes. If you would like to reflect your gratitude to all our key-workers this might be for you if you are in a position to run 5K as part of your daily exercise!  The other alumni involved are India Strachan and Alice Taylor, all from the class of 2011.  You can find out more at their website www.runforheroes.uk.

Bryan Lewis
Director of Development

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