We have had some amazing home bakes and cooking shared with us over the course of the last week.  Hope (S1) has been making chocolate munchie cake and oreo brownies – she called her cake a ‘sympathy cake’ as she made it when the Tattoo was cancelled (Hope was due to be part of the Tattoo choir this summer).  Hope’s mum wanted to share the recipe for the oreo brownies with us as they are not too sweet and, as someone who is not a lover of chocolate, she can vouch that they went down very well at home!

Sophie and Hannah in P3 and Thistle have been practising their home baking making jammy dodgers, bunny rabbits and muffins.  Sophie wanted to share the recipe for jammy dodgers with us.

And finally Sienna and Sophia in P2 helped their mum to bake an amazing cake for their little brother’s second birthday.  We bet this didn’t last long as it looks delicious!

If you would like to submit your own efforts and share a recipe or two with our community, please contact Suzi on development@esms.org.uk or via Whatsapp to 07923 020 493. 

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