We have had some amazing home bakes and cooking shared with us over the course of the last week. 

Aimee in S2 made some delicious cookies for her family to enjoy. Aimee also shared the recipe with us too so that we can have a try ourselves. Aimee’s mum mentioned that the peanut butter can be replaced by plain butter for those with nut allergies.

Shobha in P1 and her younger sister Rani have been baking some treats from their mum’s homecountry, Romania, called cornulețe cu nucă. The family prefer to make this with walnuts rather than turkish delight and you can feel free to add in anything you prefer at this stage. The recipe including English subtitles can be found on youtube here:

Shobha and Rani with their baking efforts

And Caitlin in P3 has made these amazing cupcakes with a hidden chocolate centre (not visible)! Caitlin loves baking and takes inspiration from a variety of sources. She used a basic cupcake recipe from the BBC Good Food site (https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/cupcakes) and added a twist she had seen on Tilly Ramsay’s cooking show on CBBC of the chocolate centres. Caitlin’s baking birthday party had to be cancelled under lockdown but she’s not letting that deter her from more baking. She aims to be on Junior Bake Off some day.

If the idea of baking has interested you, we have a bakealong session running with Christine Jensen, MES leaver and owner of the amazing Peboryon bakery, on Friday 15 May at 3pm. For more information, please visit https://esmscommunity.wordpress.com/2020/05/04/bakealong-with-cake-experts-christine-and-phil-jensen-owners-of-peboryon/ and for a list of ingredients and preparation, please visit https://esmscommunity.wordpress.com/2020/05/07/bakealong-ingredients-preparation/.

If you would like to share your own home bakes with us, please pop Suzi an email on development@esms.org.uk or via Whatapp to 07923 020 493.

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