Mrs MacGregor has reviewed the many stunning photographs we received on the theme of “Architecture” and has selected the below winners.

The theme for this week is “Books and Literature“. Entries are accepted until 4pm on Thursday 14 May and the winners will be announced here on Friday 15 May. You can enter by emailing your photograph, name and category to or via Whatsapp to 07923 020 493.

Child Category

In First Place: This fantastic image of the moon sitting directly on top of the spire of St Mary’s Cathedral in the distance, taken by Rufus. Mrs MacGregor says “a great shot, timed well!”.

In Second Place: Amy’s lovely interior architecture shot. Mrs MacGregor says “nice angles and interesting lighting in this one”.

In Third Place: Thea’s lovely photo. Mrs MacGregor says “Nature’s architecture! Naturally occurring blocks and cubes looking like a wall from a building. An interesting twist on the topic!

Adult Category

In First Place: This lovely photo from Tara Paterson, ESMS Parent. Mrs MacGregor says “This one caught my eye as not only is it a great photo featuring some of the gorgeous architecture from George Street, it is also very appropriate as a symbol of these challenging times.”

In Second Place: This stunning photo from Sam Huber, ESMS Parent. Mrs MacGregor says “Another super photograph of our beautiful city streets lit up at night. I also like that the seagull got in on the action!”.

In Third Place: This lovely photo from Graeme Nicholson, 1955 Daniel Stewart’s College leaver. Mrs MacGregor says “SMC standing tall and proud against a blue sky. Nicely composed with a bit of foliage framing the shot!”.

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