This week’s memories are being shared by Tom McGowran, a 1966 Daniel Stewart’s College leaver. Tom says:

I joined Daniel Stewart’s in the autumn term of 1959. It was quite a daily effort to get to and from Stewart’s on time. We had to leave home at the latest by 7.30, then cycle two miles uphill to Polmont station. We could then take the steam train to Dalry or the recently introduced railcar to Haymarket, both followed by a walk to school. 

The first days there were quite interesting as my father forgot to tell me what form I was in or even where to go. He only commented I should be in Dean House  (Ed note – Dean was one of the 4 Daniel Stewart’s Houses, equivalent to today’s Appin, Lochaber etc) as he had been in the 1930s.

It took a few days to sort things out.

I should say that I entered Stewart’s in the first form of the Senior School rather than in the last year of the Junior School. This meant I missed a full year of French and Latin. For some reason or other it was decided that I would not attend these classes at all. Despite not learning French I ended up marrying a very beautiful French Psychologist some years later!

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