This week’s memories are being shared by Tom McGowran, a 1966 Daniel Stewart’s College leaver. Tom says:

Since I was not taking French or Latin I studied more technical drawing. The college then had a very good woodwork and metalwork department. I made a tea caddy spoon and a shoe horn amongst other things. I remember that a go-kart was designed and was being constructed but I unfortunately left before its completion. The department was well-equipped and my father donated his father’s lathe to add to the inventory.

Whilst I was at school we formed a car club and made visits to local garages and showrooms in the vicinity. Two visits come to mind – there was a Renault dealership nearby and we were invited to look over a Renault 4L. I recall that as I touched the front headlight it fell off in my hand! (Ed note – that’s what they all say!)

Another visit was made to Rossleigh’s Garage which had a Triumph Herald demonstration rolling chassis with a cut away engine. They donated this to the school. We had lots fun exploring how engines and gearboxes worked. They also had a Rolls Royce Silver Ghost which they demonstrated by balancing a coin on the engine and it ran so smoothly it did not fall off!

I particularly liked the Art Department. So far as I remember it was run by the pipe smoking George Blamire. Quite a character who was also heavily involved in the Army Cadets.

As you entered the vestibule of the Department there was a flat bed letterpress printing machine that was used on occasions to print small posters. Some years later I donated an Arab treadle printing machine together with a cabinet of type. Now all of that will have become museum exhibits!

2 thoughts on “School Memory – Daniel Stewart’s College 1950s and 60s

  1. In Ron Flockhart photo the boy rear left could be Ron Scobie while the dark haired lad thrusting paper towards Ron for autograph may be one of the Donaldson brothers


  2. I was one of the 1952 to 1965 group and I well remember the visit of Ron Flockhart and the Ecurie Ecosse transporter with the 1956 Jaguar D type as shown in the photograph. It caused great excitement! In the photo, I recognise Jonathan Hymen, front right with glasses, also I think David Hands and Peter Reid may feature. The pudding basin haircut right behind Ron Flockhart might even be me!


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