Mrs MacGregor has reviewed the many stunning photographs we received on the theme of “Books and Literature” and has selected the below winners.

The theme for this week is “My Favourite Person“. Entries are accepted until 4pm on Thursday 14 May and the winners will be announced here on Friday 15 May. You can enter by emailing your photograph, name and category to or via Whatsapp to 07923 020 493.

Child Category

In First Place: This beautiful picture by Amber from P7. Mrs MacGregor says “I love this image of an open book with a daisy resting in the middle of pages! The reader looks like they have been appreciating the Spring weather by reading in the back garden. Joy!”

In Second Place: Hannah from P6 with this great photo of her dog joining in with the reading. Mrs MacGregor says “This little pup wonders what all the fuss is about or perhaps enjoys being read to. Awwww… very cute.”

In Third Place: Rafael from P7 with this lovely photo showing the spring seasons and the autumn themed book. Mrs MacGregor says “Enid Blyton’s Nature Lover’s Book – sitting in amongst the grass and plants. A lovely idea.”

Adult Category

In First Place: Claire Mathieson, ESMS Parent, with this lovely photo of her daughter enjoying a book. Mrs MacGregor says “This calm and serene image of a young girl reading a Harry Potter book in the comfort of her own home, sums this topic up beautifully.”

In Second Place: This beautiful photo from Kumiko Lennie, ESMS Parent. Mrs MacGregor says “The little mermaid girl reading the book the Little Mermaid – Great fun!”

In Third Place: This fantastic picture from ESMS Parent Fiona Evans. Mrs MacGregor says “I love this still life collection of objects which reflect the story of Alice in Wonderland. Great!”

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