Mrs MacGregor has reviewed the many wonderful photographs we received on the theme of “My Favourite Person” and has selected the below winners.

Child Category

In First Place: Alice from S5 with a lovely photo of her sister Ameila – such a joyful image of an adored sibling!

In Second Place: This beautiful photo from Holly in S1. Mrs McGregos says “Nice composition under the arch with the blue sea in the background, contrasted with the bright pink coat. Great!”

In Third Place: Poppy from P5 with an image of her favourite person wearing a bright pink coat standing in a field of pumpkins. Lovely!

Adult Category

In First Place: This fantastic photo called “Aquarium” from Allan Lennie, ESMS parent. Mrs McGregor says “I love this tranquil image. Great composition and colouring due to the location.”

In Second Place: This lovely photo from Rita Macdonald, ESMS parent. it is a photo of her daughter Lara on her 10th Birthday. Mrs McGregos says “This image makes me smile : ) a sweet little girl and her cupcakes!”

In Third Place: This wonderful photo by Louise Pennie of her favourite person. Mrs McGregor says “Adored from a far, this little person is totally mesmerised by his find in the grass”.

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