Each week we host two coffee mornings via Zoom on Mondays and Fridays at 10.30am and we ask people within our community to come and speak to guests about a topic which is very specific to them related to their work or perhaps their memories of their time at ESMS. 

On Monday 25 May we will be joined by Dr Ioanna Nixon, Consultant Clinical Oncologist, Head and Neck Sarcoma, Beatson West of Scotland Cancer Centre.  Ioanna has been involved in the production of a book aimed at helping children to understand the current pandemic (Jack Wee Rabbit is Scared of Coronavirus) and has also worked on a blog about resilience for the NHS and will be talking about these and her own coping techniques for unusual circumstances. To join us for this virtual meeting, please open Zoom and click on the following link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/88696798132?pwd=bWVKMmZUSDkxYVRCOE9RRmFJU2tGUT09.

On Friday 29 May, Simon Ancona CBE, SMC 1981, CEO of The Whitehall and Industry Group, will be speaking about his really interesting and important role liaising between captains of industry and the Permanent Secretaries in the Civil Service as together they look for ways to reflect and implement government policies and ideas. Brexit and Covid-19 will have been high on his list of priorities in the last year and a half! You are very welcome to join us for this virtual gathering and, if you would like to do so, please download Zoom and click on the following link at 10.30am https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84240920524?pwd=VmNKY0lDMjR2dmVPb0xQa3BVRHFNUT09.

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