Bryan decided to respond to several queries from alumni about the identity of certain teachers in the SMC 1987 photo by identifying colleagues although he did need a bit of help from Graham Wilson and a couple of others. Did you find some unrecognisable? Did you spot your Housemaster? What about the Head Janitor, Jack Matthew? There is one very long-standing member of staff who is not in the photo for some reason – do you know who?

Front Row (left to right): Ernie Wilkins, John Robertson, Paul Caton, Robin Morgan, Syd Pratt, Donald MacDiarmid, Bryan Lewis

Second Row: Fiona Morrison, Marjorie Douglas, Barbara Conway , Marian Adamson, Kay More, Kay Wallace, Nan Howe, Melina Maclean, Anne Bailey, Lesley Hutchinson, Christina MacInally, Judy Mottram , Jackie Maclean

Third Row: Ian McKerrow, Colin Tait, Tom Fraser, Stewart McCulloch, Andy Mason, Graham Wilson, Meg Kaighin , Mike Carrington, Sue Polson, Pete Stoddart, Liz Bartholomew, Ian Young, Davie Dewar

Fourth/Fifth mixed row: Calder Benzies, Ronnie (?), David Stephenson, Charlie Cuthill, Cliff Porteous, Ronnie Chisholm, Mike Elder, Wally Shaw, Graeme Brown, John Galloway, Phil Shaw, John Rintoul, Andy Cochrane, Jock Richardson, Robin Miller

Sixth row: Evan Cruickshank, Andrew Tod, Alec MacMillan, Fraser McGlynn, Dick Willis, Rod Allan, Dougie West (slightly below), Gemmell Millar, John Wilmott, Iain Crosbie, Chris Oliver

Back row: Cameron Wyllie, Roy Mannifield, Gus MacLean, Hamer Dodds, Dave Orem, Graeme Lynn, David Wright, Roger Askew, Jack Matthew

4 thoughts on “Can You Name the Teacher?

  1. Hello,As far as I can see, I’m not in this photo, nor do I remember it being taken.  I have no idea why I’m not there.Best wishes,Eileen Elder


    1. Hi Elieen, we knew there were a couple of people missing so thanks for getting in touch to let us know one was you! Can you remember who else should have been there? We think there’s one other missing. Suzi


  2. Almost 30 years since I’ve seen the man, but I will ALWAYS recognize Jock Richardson. I still have my Cromarty pin!


  3. I attended from 1981-1983, so this is a good 40 year gap brain-teaser.

    Ernie Wilkins – Chemistry (really nice teacher). His son was in our Chemistry class, so we sat close to him…

    Robin Morgan – Headmaster

    Nan Howe – Maths (also really nice, and supportive of my music efforts).

    Stewart McCulloch – Geography?

    David Stephenson (Pentland Housemaster; French; German) – was first teacher who met me at Dean Park House (aka “The Bug Hut”).

    Cliff Porteous – never had as a teacher, but I remember from CCF (RAF)

    John Rintoul – English.

    Jock Richardson – Was he Geography?

    Chris Oliver – Dean Park House Master. Chemistry teacher. Wife: Aileen and 2 daughters. Very supportive of us lot, including making sure we got haircuts.

    Roy Mannifield – Homeroom teacher. Modern Studies. “Bullying will NOT be tolerated”.


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