Each week we host two coffee mornings via Zoom on Mondays and Fridays at 10.30am and we ask people within our community to come and speak to guests about a topic which is very specific to them related to their work or perhaps their memories of their time at ESMS. 

On Monday 1 June we will welcome Nick Price to our virtual coffee morning!  Nick is the Executive Partner at Bright Purple, global recruiters for the technology sector.  He will be talking about the emergence of Lithuania and Estonia in the tech world and what Scotland can learn from such rapidly evolving countries as a small country itself.  Nick’s topic will cover how the countries have sought their independence from the Soviet Union and taken the opportunity to rebuild their economies with a focus on digital technology.  This topic will be particularly suitable for young people focusing on STEM subjects but all are welcome. To join us from 10.30am, please click on the following link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/87069136445?pwd=b0NhRXhoWUliYUd4bTdHVVR5dldRdz09.

Our guest on Friday 5 June will be Jason Clarke, 1987 leaver, Creative Director at Genius Brewing.  Jason will be talking about his career journey from the army via filmmaking to brewing.  He is an award-winning writer and director with 20 years experience working in television, advertising, marketing, corporate communication and feature films.  His current company, Genius Brewing, produce a light craft lager which is growing in popularity as people’s drinking habits change.  To join us for a chat with Jason and to learn more about his work, please click the following link at 10.30am: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/83909458211?pwd=Tmg3bTVnZVdRWWxLY2xNeFcyU1U0QT09.

Monday 8 June will see us talking to David McLeish, SMC Archivist and former Deputy Head in the Junior School. David is passionate about the school archives and has breathed new life into the department through digital and social media channels. He has overseen the launch of a digital archive website where our Roll of Honour can be viewed, along with information about where each individual pupil served, where they fell and ultimately where they are buried. Visitors to the site can browse records or search for specific names to learn more about the actions and experiences of family members who served. In addition, you can search the history of Edinburgh Institution 1832-1932, and the Daniel Stewart’s College magazine from 1914-1919 and further uploads are planned in the coming years. To join us and learn more about our archives, please click the following link at 10.30am: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/88268552571?pwd=blNpN2VFREZHcWZZQWVyL05BR2d2Zz09.

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