Each week we host two coffee mornings via Zoom on Mondays and Fridays at 10.30am and we ask people within our community to come and speak to guests about a topic which is very specific to them related to their work or perhaps their memories of their time at ESMS. 

Monday 8 June will see us talking to David McLeish, SMC Archivist and former Deputy Head in the Junior School. David is passionate about the school archives and has breathed new life into the department through digital and social media channels. He has overseen the launch of a digital archive website where our Roll of Honour can be viewed, along with information about where each individual pupil served, where they fell and ultimately where they are buried. Visitors to the site can browse records or search for specific names to learn more about the actions and experiences of family members who served. In addition, you can search the history of Edinburgh Institution 1832-1932, and the Daniel Stewart’s College magazine from 1914-1919 and further uploads are planned in the coming years. To join us and learn more about our archives, please click the following link at 10.30am: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/88268552571?pwd=blNpN2VFREZHcWZZQWVyL05BR2d2Zz09.

On Friday 12 June we will host a gathering of alumni and friends for a catch up on our lockdown activities and will chat generally about the future of the Zoom meetings and how you want us to progress beyond the end of term. The link to join us is https://us02web.zoom.us/j/85667612920?pwd=dVBQSnB3QlArOWJuc2htR1lIeGREQT09.

On Monday 15 June we will welcome Seb Royle, 1987 leaver, to our virtual coffee morning. Seb is the Founder and CEO of PLATF9RM, a community-oriented hosted workplace in Brighton and Hove where locally-based creatives can book space, come along and work and collaborate with each other. Seb has expanded PLATF9RM from 6,000sqft to 30,000sqft over a period of 3 years. There are two locations, one in Brighton and Hove and they have a membership of over 850.  PLATF9RM brings people and businesses, cultural organisations, local authorities, charities and enterprise partnerships to create a vibrant community within the city. 

Seb says, “When I launched PLATF9RM, it was important to me that we embedded ourselves into the existing community, rather than just creating our own. Before designing anything we met with all sorts of people above and beyond the usual business networks and everything we’ve built reflects this understanding of the city in which we’re based. Our programme welcomes the community into our space, co-creating events with other groups and encouraging our members to discover the amazing people, resources and inspiration across our city. Everything we do is about realising this vision.”

To join us at 10.30 on 15 June, pleas click on the following link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84636295464?pwd=WmFreFc3T1A0WnZ5TnVoME9uNVB2UT09

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