Mrs MacGregor has reviewed the many wonderful photographs we received on the theme of “My Favourite Place” and has selected the below winners.

Child Category

In First Place: Jaden from Poppy Room. Mrs MacGregor says “This is so close to SMC and such a beautiful place to visit, especially in the sunshine!”

In Second Place: Amber from P7. Mrs MacGregor says “So nice to see our majestic Edinburgh Castle in the sunshine!”

In Third Place: Cara from P6. Mrs MacGregor says “As the weather as been SO hot recently I am not surprised this was Cara’s favourite place!”

Adult Category

In First Place: Tanya McMillan, ESMS Parent. Mrs MacGregor says “Lovely beach scene with child running into the water without a care in the world!”

In Second Place: Allan Lennie, ESMS Parent. Mrs MacGregor says “This composition caught my eye with the turquoise waters of the sea in the background, the washed up wooden fishing crate in the foreground, framed by the towering cliffs on either side.  Like a hidden cove!”

In Third Place: Niall Evans, ESMS Parent. Mrs MacGregor says “Such a lovely peaceful view into a secluded garden”.

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