If you would like to join us for our Virtual Singalong this morning, please ensure you have downloaded the Zoom app and signed in. Then click on the following link at 10.30am https://us02web.zoom.us/j/87350674146?pwd=OVJ5ZE9iM2FpSHpvcEd0NlZxbW82QT09

Mr Skuse will lead the singalong on his piano. Because of lag between computers and connections, we will be muting all participants so that you can clearly hear Mr Skuse.

Every week we will offer our singalong participants a different opportunity to win a very small prize for originality during our singalong!  This week we would like children to bring a picture they’ve drawn or painted.  Suzi will select a winner and will arrange to distribute a small prize once we are allowed back in our office. 

The playlist is below.

We look forward to seeing you later!

O What a Beautiful Morning

Fly Me to the Moon

My Hat it has 3 Corners (Action Song)


Music Man (Action Song)

Do your ears hang low?  (Action Song)

Yellow Submarine

Loch Lomond

Auld Lang Syne

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