Mrs MacGregor has reviewed the many wonderful photographs we received on the theme of “Summer” and has selected the below winners.

Child Category

First Place: This beautiful photo by Alice in S5. Mrs MacGregor says “What a gorgeous image of a small child entranced by the magic of a ripe red tomato!

In Second Place: Rufus from P7 with this great shot. Mrs MacGregor says “A bug’s eye view of a summer garden. I love this!”

In Third Place: This artistic photo from Cara in P6. Mrs MacGregor says “Lying on her back, gazing up at the blue sky and framing the sun with her heart shaped hands! This is summer!”

Adult Category

In First Place: This lovely photo from Rita MacDonald, ESMS Parent. Mrs MacGregor says “In this photograph I can feel the warmth of the summer sunshine, see a glimpse of blue skies through the foliage and hear the gentle buzz of the bumbles bees. This images says SUMMER to me!”

In Second Place: This lovely family photo from Tanya McMillan, ESMS Parent. Mrs MacGregor says “A lovely happy summer’s day with your loved ones!”

In Third Place: this lovely garden shot from Tara Paterson. Mrs MacGregor says “Another glimpse into a peaceful summer garden. I can feel the warmth of the sunshine and can hear the buzzing insects! Bliss! This is summer!”

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