Mrs MacGregor has reviewed the many wonderful photographs we received on the theme of “Reflections” and has selected the below winners. Our competition will take a break for a couple of weeks but if you would like to join us over the summer, we will announce a new topic on Monday 29 June so please check here for information about that. We will also have a new judge – a parent of recent leavers who works as a photographer! More information to follow on 29.

Child Category:

In First Place: Zoe from P7 with this stunning picture. Mrs MacGregor says “This is a striking image, mostly due to the bold colours and complementary blues in the glass bauble contrasting with the oranges in the shed behind.”

In Second Place: This beautiful nightscape from Amy in S3. Mrs MacGregor says “Once again the colourful lights which are reflected onto the water from the buildings caught my eye here.”

In Third Place: This beautiful image from Alice in S5. Mrs MacGregor says “This is lovely image of a Thrush enjoying a splash in the water with his reflection and ripples in the water below him.”

Adult Category

In First Place: This stunning picture from Sandy McCreath, MES 1970 leaver. Mrs MacGregor says “I have always loved colourful fishing boats and they have often inspired my own artwork. So this is a winning image for me!”

In Second Place: These stunning swans, taken by Graeme Nicholson, 1955 Daniel Stewart’s College leaver. Mrs MacGregor says “Beautiful swans reflected in the water.”

In Third Place: This artistic photo of the reflections of her house in a wine glass by Fiona Evans, ESMS Parent. Mrs MacGregor says “Stunning! Reflections of houses in a glass.”

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