We have had some amazing home bakes and cooking shared with us over the course of the last two weeks. If you would like to share some of your family’s efforts to be published next week, please contact Suzi on development@esms.org.uk.

Shobha (P1) and younger sister Rani love cooking and baking and have been baking some cinnamon rolls. The girls don’t like it too sweet so they’ve made theirs without icing. They followed this youtube video for their recipe and to learn how to make the rolls.

Thea in P6 has been making a chocolate and rose cake for her mum’s birthday. Thea put some rose cordial into the buttercream and into the glace icing on the top of the cake too. Thea also made rose creams and elderflower creams to go with the cake, using rose and elderflower cordial to give them flavours. The recipe for the chocolate cake is from an old Be-Ro recipe book and the other items came from Food From Your Forest Garden.

And finally, our school caterers Inspire have shared the below recipes with our community here.

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