We had some fantastic submissions for our first Summer Art Competition and are pleased to announce the below winners:

Under 8 – Joint Winners

Rani who will be starting at ESMS later this month with this wonderful painting of daisies. Miss Littlejohn said “I love how the sun rays burst out from the corner onto the multicoloured daisies in Rani’s painting. She has used big bold brushstrokes that create lots of energy and joy in the painting.”

And Shobha who will be going into P2 later this month with this lovely picture, also of daisies. Miss Littlejohn said “This is a lovely bright and summery painting. Shobha has carefully drawn these beautiful flowers and I love her choice to use so many colours in the petals. Super work!”

Ages 9-13

This pleasing picture drawn and painted by Amelia who will be going into P5 in a few weeks. Miss Littlejohn said “This is such an atmospheric painting. I love the way Amelia has painted the sky and the contrast between the inky blue grey and the rusty landscape. There is a real sense of movement in the painting with the bold horizontal brushstrokes.”

Over 13 and Adults – Joint Winners

We have two adult winners who were clearly inspired by their children’s efforts:

ESMS Parent Ramona with this lovely picture. Miss Littlejohn said “This is a beautifully observed painting of irises. The handling of paint is excellent, the flowers are so delicate and sensitively done you could almost reach out and touch them. Well done Ramona!”

ESMS Parent Camille with this fantastic picture, painted in Saughton Park. Miss Littlejohn says “Lovely composition and I especially like Camille’s choice to use primary colours, the result is a glorious summery drawing. The cornflowers are instantly recognisable and the way Camille has used pastels is excellent.”


Do you or your family like to draw or paint? Our art competition begins again today with a deadline of Monday 17 August for our second topic of LANDSCAPES. There are three age categories:

Under 8


13+ including adults

Please feel free to use whatever materials and medium you wish and get as creative as you can with the topic too. Our judge will be Miss Littlejohn, our Junior School Art Teacher, who has kindly agreed to review all entries.  

To enter the competition, please take a photo of your entry and send this to us on development@esms.org.uk or via our Whatsapp phone 07923 020 493 by 4pm on 17 August.  Please also add in the name of the entrant and let us know which age category you are wanting to enter. 

Winners will be announced around a week after the closing date to give our lovely judge, Miss Littlejohn, time to review all the entries. 

We look forward to seeing your creations!

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