On 2 November 2020 at 19.30, explorer and Antarctic Scientist Felicity Aston will be the guest speaker of our first Virtual ESMS Inspire Lecture.

Felicity ‘blames’ her life of relentless exploration on a trip she took with her parents as a child:

“My first ‘expedition’ involved being bribed up a modest peak in England at the age of nine by my parents with a packet of Opal Fruits (my favourite sweets at the time). The sense of achievement on reaching the top was slightly lost in the pouring rain but something about the experience must have stuck because I haven’t stopped since.”

Felicity has been organising and leading expeditions for most of her adult life. As well as being the first woman in the world to ski across Antarctica alone, she has raced in the Canadian Arctic, led a team of women across the inland ice of Greenland, led record-making International teams to the North and South Poles, searched for meteorite craters in Quebec, skied along a frozen river in Siberia, traversed the winter ice of Lake Baikal, worked on a nuclear-powered icebreaker at the North Pole, walked the Chadar trek in the Himalayas, driven 35,000km across Eurasia to the coldest inhabited place in the world, searched for gold in the Yukon, driven 6000km across Antarctica, flown in an airship across America, completed the infamous Marathon Des Sables across the Moroccan Sahara and spent three years living and working in the Antarctic.

Felicity’s talk will be an inspiration to children and adults alike; perhaps the next famous scientist, polar or even space explorer will be listening to her stories from the comfort of their family lounge one November evening! Don’t forget to book your family ticket online at https://www.trybooking.co.uk/UDE.

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