Regular readers of our blog will be aware that we have been working on a video for remembrance this year which will mark 75 years since the end of World War Two and celebrate John Cruickshank, the last living recipient of the Victoria Cross from World War Two and one of our oldest former pupils, who turned 100 earlier this year.

We are pleased to announce that our video is now live for you to view and can be seen online here:  We had so many lovely items submitted to us from pupils, parents, alumni and staff so we decided to put them all together and split the video into sections as follows:

  1. ESMS Wreath Laying
  2. Introductions from Mrs Moule and Mr Lewis
  3. Daniel Stewart’s College During the War
  4. Melville College During the War
  5. Edinburgh Ladies College and the Mary Erskine School During the War
  6. Daniel Stewart’s College Alumni Fighting in the War
  7. Melville College Alumni Fighting in the War
  8. Mary Erskine School Alumnae and the War Effort
  9. ESMS Community Members and Families and the War Outside of Europe
  10. ESMS Community Contributions about the War in Europe
  11. ESMS Families in the War

We hope you find the videos interesting and that you learn something about the struggles of the past and the courage and determination of the pupils at school at the time, the alumni involved in the war effort and the families of the pupils at school now and their efforts during the war too.

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