Calling all trivia fiends in our community! As our virtual lockdown quizzes have been very popular and the technology has been straightforward, we would like to give everyone the opportunity to take part in a special, extended quiz on Friday 15 January 2021 between 7.30pm-9pm.

Teams will battle it out over 8 rounds, including a mythology round and an 80s round, for a chance to be recognised as Trivia Masters and perhaps win one of our fabulous prizes.

We also award prizes for our fun inter-round challenges which often see children racing around the house in search of items to show us.  

The 8 rounds will be:

  1. The 80s
  2. Children’s literature
  3. Science
  4. Geography
  5. Picture round
  6. 2010-2020
  7. Sport and Games
  8. Mythology

Questions will be suitable for adults and children alike. 

Teams can be entered at any time until 7pm on 15 January, for a cost of £5/team (maximum 8 participants) and tickets can be booked online at

So, order yourselves a take-away, sit back and enjoy some family entertainment as we host the second edition of our regular ESMS Community Mega-Quiz!

3 thoughts on “January Community Quiz

  1. Dear Development Office

    I would like to join the quizz but I’ve no team. Would it be possible to join a group that needs to make up the numbers. Thank you

    Richard Taylor ( Dad of Luke Taylor S5 )



    1. Hi Richard, we have plenty of people who join as an individual as the quiz is open to alumni as well as current families. We try to make the questions simple with a few twists here and there so I hope you don’t find it too difficult. Because the quiz takes place via Zoom and we’re not supposed to be in others’ houses, it would be difficult to group you with anyone else logistically. Perhaps you can persuade your son to join you? 🙂 Suzi


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