We would like to invite you to take part in the return of our regular photography competitions, designed purely to bring some creativity and a bit of fun into our lives and give us something positive to ‘focus’ on (pun entirely intended!). There will be a different theme for each competition, and two categories: children (that is, photos taken by children!) and adults; please only enter one photo per person for each week’s theme. Please send your entries to development@esms.org.uk or through Whatsapp at 07923 020 493, and remember to name them, especially if you send them from your phone (we need to identify the author of each entry and WhatsApp will only show a phone number). The deadline for this first competition is 4pm on Monday 18 January 2021.

The winners will be announced on our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/esmscommunity) and on our blog on the Friday after the competition ends (Friday 22 January 2021 for the first round). Prizes will be awarded in both categories each time and distributed to the winners when the school reopens.  Our topic for the first week is FESTIVE FUN. So pick up your devices and start hunting for inspiration through your home – or your town/city/village during your once – a – day outing for exercise!

We will announce each week’s theme here on the blog and on our Facebook page when we announce the winner for the previous week. We will be awarding prizes to the winners once lockdown is released and we can get back into our office.

Entries may be used on ESMS social media channels to promote the competition and of course the winner will be featured each week. Please make sure, if your photograph includes people, that you have their permission before submitting the photograph for the competition.

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