Christina studied biomedical science in Aberdeen and then Medicine in Glasgow, and now works in A&E at Crosshouse Hospital in Kilmarnock as a Clinical Research Fellow in Emergency Medicine. But it is her interest sparked whilst at University that has gained her an invitation to speak at the Wigtown Book Festival Big Bang Week which takes place later this week: Christina is working towards becoming one of the world’s tiny but growing band of space doctors and will specialise in emergency medicine!

In recent years Christina has worked with supervisor and space expert Dr Thais Russomano to develop a technique to assist astronauts to deliver CPR in space, countering gravity with physical movement to achieve the correct pressure. She has had a significant impact in the field of space medicine, having written two papers on extra-terrestrial CPR in addition to developing the Mackaill-Russomano Method.

In 2016 Christina founded  Scotland’s first Space Medicine Society and is now on the medical team conducting a simulated astronaut mission in Israel’s Negev Desert.

Christina hopes to go into space herself someday, and with the European Space Agency opening up applications recently for new trainees, Christina is aiming to be amongst the candidates.

You can watch Christina’s talk, taking place on Friday 5 March at 19.30 by registering here:

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