Last lockdown we asked our community to share photos and recipes of their favourite personal cooking challenges and the many cakes, stews and bakes were well received by all.

Gillian Mackenzie, parent of ESMS alumni Alasdair and Lynsey, tried our our shortbread recipe from a couple of weeks ago and sent us a photo of the results – looks delicious!

Ramona and daughters Shobha (P2) and Rani (Nursery) have been baking up a storm in recent weeks and have sent us the following photos and recipes for inspiration. The kiwi and walnut cake was inspired by a recipe on the BBC website. Ramona said “for the kiwi and walnuts cake, we have followed the vanilla sponge cake recipe (, and we have added 1 tablespoon of ground walnuts to the cake dough and 1 ripened kiwi, and also we have topped the cake with the same.”

Thea (P7) has also been creative with adapting a tried and trusted recipe. She adapted this Bero recipe to make a chocolate orange cake and a chocolate mint cake. These look amazing!

Our school caterers, Inspire, have shared this PDF with some seasonal recipes as well as some healthy lunch suggestions to help us to better understand nutrition and what our bodies need at this time of year.

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