Last lockdown we asked our community to share photos and recipes of their favourite personal cooking challenges and the many cakes, stews and bakes were well received by all.

These lovely Pani Puri’s were made by Ramona and her daughters Shobha (P2) and Rani (nursery). They used the recipe here:

They also made this stunning Dobos Torte cake which is a Hungarian speciality. They found the recipe online here:

Thea in P7 decided to set herself a challenge this week and turned her hand to making bread! She says she has never made bread before but wanted to give it a go. She used the following recipe from Short and Sweet by Dan Lepard and the photo below is of her loaf!

Our school caterers, Inspire, have shared this PDF with some seasonal recipes as well as some healthy lunch suggestions to help us to better understand nutrition and what our bodies need at this time of year.

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