This is a call to all trivia fiends in our community!  We are back with another edition of our Community Quiz for the ESMS Community on Friday 23 July 2021 from 7.30pm. Teams will battle it out over 8 rounds, including rounds on history, sport and a special round about holidays and tourism for a chance to be recognised as Trivia Masters and perhaps win one of our fabulous prizes. To book, go to Trybooking:

We also award prizes for our fun inter-round challenges which often see children racing around the house in search of items to show us. 

The 8 rounds will be:

  1. The 1980s
  2. History
  3. Picture Round
  4. Sport
  5. Cartoons and Children’s Television
  6. Science
  7. Holidays and Tourism
  8. Children’s Literature

Questions will be suitable for adults and children alike. 

It costs £5 to enter a team (of maximum 8 participants) and there will be prizes for the top three teams. So, order some take-away, sit back and enjoy some family entertainment as we host another edition of our regular ESMS Community Mega-Quiz!

To join us you will need two screens, one for Zoom and one for the questions via Both links will be sent to all those who book via email on Friday 23 July at 2pm. 

To book, go to Trybooking: Bookings will close at 7pm on Friday 23 June

Future quiz dates are as follows to try to best fit around school holidays and other activities:

Friday 10 September

Friday 8 October

Friday 19 November

Friday 10 December

Friday 21 January

Happy quizzing!

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