“Your painting has depth, a steadiness and stillness, a mystery of proportion which delights me… everything is right. There is a magic in the varied tones.”

Jim Ede, retired curator of the V&A, on the work of Marjorie Campbell.

Marjorie Campbell’s artistic talent was apparent from early childhood, and further nurtured at Mary Erskine School, when it was situated on Queen Street, by art teacher Miss Arnold. Marjorie will be well remembered by her peers for her delightful artistic depictions of school life.

After her time at Mary Erskine’s, Marjorie went to Edinburgh Art College, before winning scholarships in London and Paris. She chose to pursue a career in illustration, working for the BBC and many leading publishers, while continuing her own thoughtful, artistic observations by painting people, buildings and scenery.

Marjorie and husband Archie had four daughters, and she became involved with running playgroups and teaching in schools. All of these experiences shaped her work, which grew to include fine portraits of children.

Marjorie’s talents were not restricted to paper and canvas, she also expressed herself using calligraphy, screen printing, engraving, collage, batik and photography, among other techniques. Her exploration of art continued throughout her life, until her untimely death from ovarian cancer in 1999.

The free retrospective exhibition has been organised by Marjorie’s sister, Alison Kerr (MES 1957). The exhibition will be open from midday – 7pm at the Dundas Gallery, 6 Dundas Street, every day from Thursday 14 October to Sunday 24 October.

All friends and members of ESMS are most welcome.

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