What were your favourite subjects when you were at school?

PE (I played hockey at junior national level), Languages, History, English

When you left school, did you have a clear career path in mind?

Being completely honest, I didn’t! However, I did know that I wanted to work with people, help them and operate in a team environment.

Whilst studying, did you keep up with any extra-curricular activities that you enjoyed at school or did you follow new interests?  If so, how did you balance this with studying?

Throughout university, I continued to play hockey at a high level, in the top National 1 league. I also enjoy dance and kept up my involvement with a school for children with learning difficulties and their annual dance show.

Did you find it tough getting your first role after graduating or was the pathway quite straightforward?

It is a competitive market getting your traineeship but I was specific with the firms I applied to, I could show I was genuinely passionate about their ethics and values in my interview. I think my varied CV (curriculum and interests) helped – there are many people out there with a law degree when you are applying for a traineeship, so it is about what makes you and your CV stand out.

What do you like the most about your job?

Building relationships with my clients and colleagues.

What has been the most challenging part of your career so far?

The early days are tough – you are learning the job, your role, the office environment and especially how to manage your time efficiently while maintaining the work life balance – but that comes with experience…and I am still learning!

You mentioned that you had received support from some inspirational mentors, can you tell us more about this support and how you feel it has helped you to progress your career?

My mentors and supervisors have played a huge role in my career development and becoming a partner at a young age. They have opened doors for me that I will be forever grateful for.  

Do you have any advice for pupils at ESMS who might wish to follow a similar career path?

Be you; be open to opportunities and build up your CV with office/ legal experience where possible (explore summer internships); take yourself out your comfort zone; think about what makes you stand out and what you can do to be different, and believe in yourself!

What’s your fondest memory from your schooldays?

Friends, some of my best friends come from my school days. And I have lots of fond hockey memories too!

One thought on “Hannah Fraser (Muir), MES 2007, Partner at Thorntons Law LLP

  1. Delighted to hear of your success,Hannah, and also to hear of your continued enjoyment of hockey and dance. I have fond memories of the Form I joint dance project with pupils from your mum’s school. If I ever need a lawyer…


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