We are pleased to welcome Anthony Simpson as our new Principal as of 1 August and are looking forward to recruiting a new Director of Development later this year.  We have been planning for the return of the monthly lunches, run by the FP Club and supported by the Development Office along with the return of the former staff lunches, now being hosted by Norma Rolls and Bryan Lewis, both in the autumn term.

We are grateful to everyone who was able to contribute to our Access to Excellence appeal during the summer term and whose gifts have helped to offer an ESMS education to those without the means.  We are pleased to announce there will be at least 25 pupils being supported by Access to Excellence from the start of term in August and applications are still being submitted and means tested throughout the summer break. 

In the meantime, we are working on a replacement for our ESMS Connect platform, which gives pupils and young alumni the opportunity to search for parents and established alumni who can offer careers guidance and support, as well as mentoring opportunities.  We hope to have this up and running and going through final tests in September, with a formal launch later in the term. 

And finally, we have been enjoying speaking to some of our young alumni about their career development. We had a lovely chat with Christina and Maxwell, which you will read elsewhere in this newsletter, about their steps after school and how they are pushing their careers forward in different ways.  We have also enjoyed reading the Collegian and Merchant Maiden and learning about all the many activities that have taken place across the schools this year.  

Suzi and Tania

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