What were your favourite subjects when you were at school? 
I expressed my creative side through different means during my ESMS days and was very involved in the musical life of the school. I also particularly enjoyed product design as it presented the opportunity to exercise my imagination in sometimes more unconventional ways.

When you left school, did you have a career path in mind? 
Not particularly. I decided to study geography at Edinburgh University but I must admit to not really having an ultimate goal in mind. The career path that I took prior to establishing Ingrained Moments was eclectic to say the least, but I have always loved being creative and having a connection with the natural world in some capacity.

How did you develop your business idea for Ingrained Moments?
I have enjoyed woodworking as a hobby since my teenage years but I didn’t even comprehend that there may be potential for this to grow into a business. About five years ago I was lucky enough to acquire a scroll saw which enables the cutting of very intricate shapes and I really loved the opportunity this presented for becoming more intricate and artistic in my creations. From this point, my unusual style of artwork gradually emerged and the incredibly positive response that it began to receive when I showed what I was doing to others was just the push I needed to start Ingrained Moments. 

Tell us about your job and what it involves day-to-day? 
My workshop time is split between working on customer commissions and creating my own original artwork to sell on my website shop. The process involved in creating each piece has numerous steps and depending on the complexity, each one can take many days to create. Outside of the workshop I do a lot of research and design work on my computer to ensure that I achieve the precision needed for the initial cutting stages. I also love any opportunity to visit my wood supplier in Fife as there is always an incredibly tempting array of stunning locally and sustainably sourced wood species to browse!

All that being said, ‘typical’ working days are currently a thing of the past for me as a lot of my time is taken up with looking after our toddler (who has yet to be trained up in the art of woodwork!).

We have heard you have an exhibition of your work coming up, can you tell us more?
Yes! I am very excited to currently have an exhibition that is running at the Art & Craft Collective, Edinburgh until 5 November. ‘Wild Wood: a sculptural exploration of the wildlife and trees of Scotland’ consists of ten one-off wildlife artworks which have of course all been handcrafted entirely from Scottish sustainably sourced wood species. I am very proud of this collection and hope that it gives plenty of people the opportunity to see in person the depth and tactility that wood as a medium allows.  You can find out more about the exhibition on the Art & Craft Collective website here: https://www.artcraftcollective.co.uk/product/wild-wood-a-sculptural-exploration-of-the-wildlife-and-trees-of-scotland/.

Do you have any advice for pupils at ESMS who might wish to follow a similar career path and launch their own creative business? 
Try to develop a style that is unique to you. It is very easy to get entirely caught up in the creative side of your work (spoken from experience!) but take every opportunity to also learn about the promotional side of running this sort of business.

What’s your fondest memory from your schooldays? 
Singing in Mrs Mitchell’s madrigal group during my final few years of school was always pretty special!

4 thoughts on “Emily Lewis (2009), Owner, Ingrained Moments Woodcraft

  1. Stunning, creative art, Emily. Congratulations.

    I’m thrilled that the Madrigal Group was special for you – a highlight for me too!


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