Last lockdown we asked our community to share photos and recipes of their favourite personal cooking challenges and the many cakes, stews and bakes were well received by all.

It’s very easy to slide into bad habits at this time of year, overloading on carbohydrates and not having enough fresh fruit and veg. Our school caterers, Inspire, have shared this PDF with some seasonal recipes as well as some healthy lunch suggestions to help us to better understand nutrition and what our bodies need at this time of year.

Suzi in our office has been baking shortbread recently and would like to share the family recipe with the community for you to try for yourself!

8oz unsalted butter room temp.
4oz caster sugar
10oz plain flour  
2oz cornflour.  

  1. Cream the butter and sugar

2. Mix the plain flour with the cornflour in a bowl

3. Add the flour mixture to the creamed mixture and form a dough, mixing with your hands

4. Form a ball in your bowl then press this ball into a rectangle in your greased baking tin. You can use a rolling pin if you like but I tend to find it quicker and easier to just use my hands

5. Stab the dough all over with a fork to bottom of tin. You can’t put too many holes in!

6. Bake at 180C  for 30 mins or until golden brown then turn the oven down to 120C and leave for another 30 mins so it’s drying rather than cooking

7. Remove from the oven, leave for 5 minutes then cut into fingers and dust with caster sugar.  

8. Put on a cooling rack as soon as it’s cut to allow steam to escape.  

Suzi says “we like our shortbread around 2cm thick so we use a tray that’s about 9 inches square for this recipe and it works well”

We would like to encourage you to share your own cooking and baking with our community by sending pictures and recipes to

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