My name is Naiha Irfan and I am a former pupil at ESMS. I left school in 2019 and I am now a student at Heriot-Watt University studying International Business and Operations Management.

I was lucky enough to be offered the Outward Bound Skills for Life Award and it was truly a once in a lifetime opportunity. Before the award I was not the most confident individual, I used to shy away from leadership opportunities and remain in my comfort zone. However, the Outward Bound experience helped change this by challenging and teaching me to trust in myself and my decisions.

The award also allowed me to meet fascinating people from around the world, who I am still in touch with now and who have become friends for life. The award also encouraged me to push myself physically. Since Outward Bound, I now enjoy being active and have a lot more motivation. This was especially helpful last year after a knee operation. After the operation I had to start sports and exercises from scratch which was a difficult process. However, Outward Bound has taught me how to push myself and not give up, helping me to recover quickly.

Overall Outward Bound was a great experience which has not only taught me skills for life, but also left me with unforgettable memories!

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