We have received some amazing memories of school shared since we sent out our first email on Friday which our correspondents are happy that we share with you. Do any of them sound familiar? Were you in school at the same time? Do you have your own special memories from your school days, whether serious or frivolous? Please share them with us when you are sitting with some time to spare and we will share them with the community in the hope that they will help to pass the time whilst also stirring your own memories. If you would like to share a memory, please email us at development@esms.org.uk.

Today’s shared memory was sent to us by Fiona MacAskill who left MES in 1983.

“Miss Ireland was a really good teacher and she took no nonsense. I joined the school in Primary 7. It must have been for the Founders Day concert that I first had to sing. I remember we were having a rehearsal. All had gone well until it came to practising the school song. Miss Ireland, who was overseeing the proceedings, was most displeased at the lack of enthusiasm we were singing it with. We had to sing it again. Miss Ireland was still not happy. We sang it again. I was painfully shy and not one for singing in public, so was mumbling and bumbling my way through. Unfortunately I was standing at the end of a row and Miss Ireland spotted me. ‘You’re not singing it properly!’ she declared. She then told me to learn it and see her first thing the following morning when I would sing it in front of her. As you can imagine, this was a daunting prospect. So, the following morning, there I was standing in front of her, like an X Factor contestant in front of Simon Cowell. I started to sing the school song. I was so nervous, my voice cracked and crackled and the notes came out in a totally random order. Half way through the second line she stopped me and told me to just speak the rest of it. I think listening to my caterwauling proved to be more of a punishment for her than it was for me!”

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