We are looking forward to welcoming Jenni Doonan to our virtual coffee morning at 10.30 am today. Jenni left MES in 1996 and, after studying for a few years, worked in Germany and in the UK on space project, including launching a satellite into space!  Jenni took her passion for engineering back to Scotland with her and established Young Engineers, a play based workshop provider to encourage involvement in STEM subjects through tools such as lego.

Jenni will be talking a bit about her current work at Moray House where she now works on a project called Data Education for Schools, it connects a bit back to the space business but also to lots of opportunities for today’s young people in new industries around Edinburgh and central Scotland so may be of interest to current parents and pupils as well.

To join us later this morning, please click the following link at 10.30 am https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89091357513?pwd=bnJiSDF5WUxVcE1qVkFWQXlHZHdkUT09.

One thought on “Today’s Coffee Morning Link

  1. That was a most entertaining talk this morning.I was particularly interested in the work with Primary children and will e-mail her to learn more of the work in science and maths. development. She would make an excellent speaker for MES Prize day when we can have one.Well done everyone on the Development team for such interesting programmes.


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