We hope our community enjoyed a restful Festive break and are looking forward to some fun in 2021!

As with our last lockdown, we are in the process of planning some activities to keep you smiling over the coming weeks.

  • Our weekly photograph competition will launch on Monday 11 January with a deadline of Monday 18 January for submissions for the first topic which will be Festive Fun. Further details will be published on Monday.
  • Our digital coffee mornings will resume on Friday 15 January from 10.30am. Join us for a casual chat and catch up ahead of the weekend. We’d love to hear how you spent Christmas and your plans for lockdown this time.
  • Our Community Quiz also takes place next Friday 15 January on Zoom from 7.30pm. Tickets are £5 per team and the quiz includes 8 rounds of questions along with some fun challenges for the children for which there are small prizes. You can find out more about our quiz including how to book your ticket here: https://esmscommunity.org/2020/11/25/january-community-quiz/
  • We are planning for our second digital Inspire Lecture on 22 March 2021 at 19.30, Scottish science and technology writer Gemma Milne will be speaking about technological innovations, including Lab-grown meat, Genomic therapies for cancer and Fusion energy. For more information including how to book your family ticket visit: https://esmscommunity.org/2020/11/30/inspire-march-lecture-gemma-milne-talks-tech/.

We are investigating a few other activities which we hope to be able to confirm early next week.

2 thoughts on “Lockdown Activities Winter/Spring 2021

  1. Good morning Suzi and Bryan,

    Happy New Year to you and your families!

    What a great idea to restart the Friday morning sessions. Would be lovely to see if Linda Bauld has time now to come and talk to us.

    All best wishes, Aileen Searle

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  2. Happy New Year to all.Hopfully it will only get better.I am sorry I cannot attend the digital coffee morning as I am booked in to give my 128 th.  (yes thats right 128th.)  pint of blood. Hopefully this has helped save others lives.Best wishes.Laurie.


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